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You have reached the home page of the U3A Network (NSW) Inc. The U3A movement in Australia is a loose collection of local U3A organisations who all support the general aims and directions of providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their ‘third age’ using the skills of their members gained during their ‘second age’


There are 69 U3As in New South Wales and the ACT.   They are divided into six non-metropolitan regions and one metropolitan region. Each region  has  a Regional Representative who is also a member of the Network Committee.  To find a U3A near you,go to the Member U3As group on the Menu bar  and choose a region to locate the U3A you want.

For further information about U3A in NSW, download Network’s own PROMOTIONAL DVD.
Or, perhaps you would like to read our brochure. Just click on the icon below:

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